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2023 stands as a watershed year for All Nations, characterized by groundbreaking success and recognition within the cannabis industry. Our journey through the year has been marked by achievements that not only underscore our dedication to quality and innovation but also reaffirm our standing as leaders in a competitive market. Reflecting on this year’s accomplishments, we are proud to highlight the prestigious awards that have set a new benchmark for our continued journey of excellence.


Unprecedented Success at the Grow Up Industry Awards

The Grow Up Conference, Canada’s premier cannabis industry event, has become the stage where the industry’s best and brightest are celebrated. In October 2023, All Nations achieved an unprecedented milestone by winning not one but two major awards at the Grow Up Industry Awards Gala.

Indigenous-owned Brand of the Year

This accolade is awarded to a cannabis brand that is majority-owned by Indigenous persons or entities. All Nations was recognized for its significant contributions to the cannabis industry, its innovative products and services, and its unwavering commitment to promoting Indigenous values and community engagement.

Indigenous-owned Retailer of the Year

The Indigenous-owned Retailer of the Year award is given to an Indigenous-owned cannabis retail business that has made significant contributions to their community and the cannabis industry. All Nations was celebrated for its commitment to high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a deep respect for Indigenous culture and traditions.


Distinguished Recognition at the 2023 AR Cannabis Cup

The AR Cannabis Cup represents a pinnacle of excellence within the cannabis industry, celebrating high-quality production and innovation. Our accolade, “Legal Rookie of the Year,” marks a significant milestone, showcasing our rapid ascent and the impactful presence we’ve established in the industry. This award, distinct from our achievements at the Grow Up Industry Awards, adds another layer of prestige to our year of success.


Reflecting on a Year of Achievements

The honors we’ve received in 2023 are a reflection of our team’s dedication, our innovative approach to the cannabis business, and our unwavering commitment to our principles. Our success across both the Grow Up Industry Awards and the AR Cannabis Cup positions us not just as industry leaders, but also as pioneers shaping the future of cannabis.

Looking forward, these accolades inspire us to continue advancing, innovating, and upholding our dedication to our community and values. Our journey in 2023 has set a foundation for future achievements, promising even greater success in the years ahead.

As we celebrate our triumphs, we remain committed to excellence, innovation, and community engagement, looking forward to building on this year’s success and exploring new horizons in the cannabis industry. Here’s to a year of achievements that pave the way for a future filled with promise and potential for All Nations.